Bethsaida is a Health Centre  situated in Musoma, a small town in Mara Region of Tanzania. Most patients are very poor. Most people are living from small poultry, fishing and livestock. Many have their own “shamba”, a small plot where they cultivate cassava and some vegetables, mainly to sell them at the market.
About 80 % finished primary school. Almost 50% of all inhabitants are younger than 14 years old and almost 50% is between 14 and 64 years old. A minor percentage is older than 64 years. The average age people reach is 57 years.

We strive to offer services based on the Tanzanian Development Vision – 2025, her present Health Policy(2005) and in line with the Development Millennium Goals for 2015.

Bethsaida CHD therefore envisages offering equitable accessible and effective health services to people in our service area with efficiency to improve health and livelihood.


Public-Private Partnership arrangement with our local Government Authority and collaboration with all other stakeholders.

Principals of equity where we offer services not only at the center but also through a Community Home care Facility and with a target exemption provision to unable to pay clients.

Comprehensive and integrated approach by coordinating all activities in our strategic plans be it preventive, curative, rehabilitative, educative or health promotion in liaison with other health providers in the region.

Quality Insurance Strategy where supervision,  open performance appraisals and helpful client’s suggestions are considered.


Acknowledging our Government resource limitations and realizing the availability of poor, disadvantaged and vulnerable groups among us, we are determined to offer quality health services to all through:


We cling to practical and efficient working that manifest integrity, innovation, effective use of resources and ethical consideration for holistic development of Mankind.



Our Team


Dr. Musuto Chirangi, Phd
Mr. Jumanne Magiri, MPH

Nursing Officer in Charge

Mrs. Millicent Rabach

Medical Supervisor

Dr. B.M. Chirangi MSc, MPH


Mrs. Elisabeth de Quant, BHA

Friends of Bethsaida

Our donors are:

Dutch Women Mission Organization, The Netherlands

Mennonite Foundation for Health Care, The Netherlands

Mennonite Congregation of Ouddorp, The Netherlands

Gifts from individual persons in The Netherlands

Mare Fund, The Netherlands

Mennonite Church The Hague, The Netherlands

Mennonite Worldwork, organization for solidarity and peace, The Netherlands

Protestant Churches of Rijswijk and Maastricht donated a substantial amount for new buildings.

Roman Catholic Foundation The, Netherlands




MCC , Mennonite Central Committee Tanzania

PSI, Public Service International

Jipiego, training on the job

Aids Relief

APHTA, Association of  Private Health Facilities in Tanzania

Peacemakers for Albinism

KMCT Kenya, training for UBT

Lake Victoria Disability Centre


Bethsaida needs more space, more rooms.  There are just 7 emergency beds and the outpatient department can be overcrowded.

We plan to start building a spacy Department for Mother- and Child health care in which we have room for education and training. Besides that we plan to build one ward with 10 beds.

Hospital Expansion Project-Plans

Become one of us

Help us continue and achieve our goals offering health services in the region!


Bethsaida CHD offers on a constant daily basis service to patients, kids, mothers, and elders, either at our facilities or through the Home Services.

Today, any contribution is more than needed.
For that reason, we give you the option to join us and contribute in a simple way.


A significant part of our work is based on our untiring volunteers who donate their time either individually or collectively in groups of friends, fellow students or co-workers as part of Corporate Social Responsibility projects!