Education by volunteers
In Bethsaida we have volunteers from Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. They bring a lot of know-how to the workers of Bethsaida through working together with them.

Health education

Every Monday and Friday Bethsaida gives health education on different topics to our clients and those who are there being our patients. Topics such as malaria, methods of family planning, waterborne diseases, hygiene, cervical cancer, albinism awareness, schistosomiasis, maternal care and preparation before birth giving. All of this is announced to the wall.

Teenager Awareness Program

This is a new program introduced and paid by the government. This service is given to teenagers who cannot fully express themselves, in order to create awareness.  They should get to know that their presence is acknowledge in the community and at large. This program want them to fell themselves important for the community in order to express themselves . with all their problems and needs.

Secondary School students education

There are at this moment secondary schools which are asking our help to give sex education. Our nurse from the Mother and Child Department does this.

On the picture she educates the students about the use and importance of condoms, about safe sex and the prevention of getting pregnant.



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