Bethsaida is a Health Centre  situated in Musoma, a small town in Mara Region of Tanzania. Most patients are very poor. Most people are living from small poultry, fishing and livestock. Many have their own “shamba”, a small plot where they cultivate cassava and some vegetables, mainly to sell them at the market.
About 80 % finished primary school. Almost 50% of all inhabitants are younger than 14 years old and almost 50% is between 14 and 64 years old. A minor percentage is older than 64 years. The average age people reach is 57 years.
We depend on your assistance!


A significant part of our work is based on our untiring volunteers who donate their time either individually or collectively in groups of friends, fellow students or co-workers as part of Corporate Social Responsibility projects!

Our latest news on volunteers:

-We have know our own house for the volunteers.
-We recently had two nurse students for two months.
-Expecting a third volunteer, a fysiotherapist, to join later in December 2018.

Updated: December 2018


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