This Health Centre offers both health services at the centre as well as at Clients’ homes during visits in accordance with health and social welfare practitioners’ expertises.

The general goal is to offer services based on the Tanzanian Development Vision to 2025, her present Health Policy (2003) and in line with the Developmental Millennium Goals for 2015.

Bethsaida CHD therefore envisages offering, equitable, accessible, effective health services to people in our service area with efficiency to improve health and livelihood.

Health services at the Centre

These are diagnostic, preventive, curative and health promotion services given at Bethsaida Health Centre in Kigera Ward of Musoma Municipality.

Health services at the Centre.

Medical- and Nursing care, Contraceptive Care, Ultrasounds and ECG’s, all laboratory investigations, Counseling & Testing, Palliative Care including Pain Management, Ensuring patients’ Medical Adherence, Psychological – and social support, Nutritional Guidance & Food Support, Preventive and Health Education, Support equipment for disabled patients.

Specific Care

  • Cervical Cancer screening and treatment
  • Skin Cancer screening and treatment for Albino’s
  • UBT, treatment of postpartum bleedings

Opening hours: The center is open for 24 hours each day.
Chirangi Street, Kwangwa Area, P.O.Box 666, Musoma, Tanzania.
Telephone: +255 684154223



Health services at the home

Bethsaida Health Centre offers Home Care to everybody who is not able to come to the Centre. It is all inclusive care meaning there is no differentiation in the type of illness or disability a patient has. Bethsaida has a special program for disabled children where they can get an operation by an orthopedic surgeon and rehabilitation afterwards. Most of these children we have in Home care.

How to get Home Care?

Either a client or his or her representative needs to contact the center by phone.

The intake, done by one of our doctor’s, together with one of our nurses, will indicate if home care is suitable. If so, arrangements will be made days, times, frequency of visits and the kind of services to be offered.

Contact us:
Bethsaida Health Centre
Chirangi Street, Kwangwa Area,
P.O.Box 666, Musoma, Tanzania.
Tel. +255 684154223